BOURG D'OiSANS Oisans aux 6 Vallées Eau d'Olle Ferrand Lignarre Romanche Sarenne Vénéon

Vallée de la Romanche

Without doubt the main entrance to l'Oisans and its six valleys, the Romanche is first and foremost the astonishing work of an obstinate river, which forces its way between the Taillefer and Belldonne moutains. Heavily-marked by an industrial past, between these walls the hydro-electric epic was at peak.

The hydro-electric power station of Vernes is astronishing evidence of this important industrial adventure. At the of this river path, there is radical change relief.


The perfectly flat plain of Bourg d'Oisans, surrounded entirely by immense mountains, is an absoutely horizontal oassis.


This image is not superficial. As the centuries passed, this plain certainly experienced a fluctuating destiny : the level of the Romanche, blocked by old rocky constrictions further up from Livet had on numerous occasions transformed the valley into a lake ! The characteristic drainage systems set up in the plain (known as "béalières") are still a reminder today of the lakeside nature of this area, the main crossroads of the six valleys of l'Oisans.